Top Three Best Party Islands in Spain

he Spanish islands are famous destinations for European holiday makers. They offer excellent tourists facilities that will definitely suit almost everyone’s taste. Most tourists will usually spend their day lounging on the beach and engaging themselves with water sport and other sightseeing activities and end the day partying or clubbing.

Here’re three islands known for its excellent nightlife.


Top Three Best Party Islands in Spain

I’ve been hearing Ibiza since I was a kid. This place hosts a lot of parties and a lot of international DJs go to this island to perform. It’s also said to be the party capital of the world (although some people might not agree and would prefer Koh Phangan instead). Ibiza is also tagged as the dance Mecca of Europe and is said to attract the crowds of the young, rich and beautiful. The main hotspots include Ibiza town in the east coast and San Antonio on the west coast.


enjoing partys in mallorca

Another popular destination for partyphiles is Majorca. Holidays to Majorca won’t be complete without experiencing the excellent nightlife. Majorca or Mallorca also attracts a lot of international DJs same as Ibiza. Famous resorts to find the hottest parties include Magaluf (where you can find BCM, one of the popular clubs), El Arenal and Palma.

Gran Canaria


This may not be as famous as Ibiza or Majorca when it comes to partying but Gran Canaria also boasts a lot of bars, clubs, discos, karaokes and cabarets. This is a nice spot for those who want to enjoy the night away before hitching a yacht en route to their next destination. The most famous spot for partying is Playa del Ingles in the South.

Partying in the Spanish islands is actually one of the things that I want to experience at least once in my life. Having been to Koh Phangan once, I always wonder what it’s like to party in other known partying places and these three islands are on top of my future destination list.