Top Three Best Party Islands in Spain

he Spanish islands are famous destinations for European holiday makers. They offer excellent tourists facilities that will definitely suit almost everyone’s taste. Most tourists will usually spend their day lounging on the beach and engaging themselves with water sport and other sightseeing activities and end the day partying or clubbing.

Here’re three islands known for its excellent nightlife.

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5 unspoilt Majorca beaches off the beaten path

We all love to spend some time on the beach, sipping on a cocktail and burning by the shining sun before cooling off with a swim into the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Oftentimes we dream of laying down our towel and relaxing, but upon arrival we realise that every single inch of sand is taken by towels, beach bags, sunbeds and lots of people who are there for the same reasons. However, Majorca being Majorca and high season making tourist beaches way crowded, we have decided to give you a helping hand in finding some of the island’s hidden gems that also happen to be off the beaten path. Enjoy your own, almost private beach and relax to the sound of water splashing by the shore.


Cala Varques

Situated 1-hour drive away from Palma, Cala Varques is a well-kept secret. Hike through the pines and rocks for a mere five minutes and there you have it! A perfect white sand beach with azure blue waters unfolds right in front of you. The seaside rock formations are spectacular and if you go through the effort of climbing a bit you have a perfect viewpoint for the perfect beach shots you’ve always wanted from your holidays to Majorca.

cala barques 2

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Mallorca’s great escapes: where to go to escape the crowds

Mallorca has grown up. Sure, the island still has a touch of the wild child in coastal resorts like Magaluf, but travellers are finally waking up to the fact that the island is so much more than the sum of its fly-and-flop resorts and boozerias.

The real Mallorca, as locals have been at pains to point out for years, dances to quite a different tune – one of early morning goat bells at hilltop hermitages, foot falling on rock on the trails of the Tramuntana, and cicadas striking up their tentative drone as day fades into phenomenally starlit night.

So you want to slip away from the madding summer crowds? Read on for our pick of the island’s greatest escapes – from mountain drives to hidden bays, coastal trails to former monasteries where you can slow the pace and enjoy the silence.

The rocky Formentor coastline. Image by Kerry Christiani / Lonely Planet

The rocky Formentor coastline. Image by Kerry Christiani / Lonely Planet

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Holidays in Majorca: 5 places to visit, infinite possibilities!

Especially in recent years, Majorca has become a popular tourist destination, primarily due to the wonderful climate, many sights and attractions, and particularly the gorgeous and convenient beaches. This has always been a popular beach vacation spot, particularly for the French, Germans, and English. Since the 1950s, it has become a mecca for tourists as an increasing number of people came to the island to enjoy the heavenly beaches and excellent weather. One of the largest of the Spanish Balearic Archipelago Islands, having your holidays in Majorca can be a great opportunity to enjoy the wonderful Mediterranean Sea.

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5 Beleraric Delicacies to tingle your tastebuds during your Holidays in Majorca!

The sunny and warm Mediterranean island of Majorca is famed for its white sand beaches, medieval landmarks and luxurious hotels, attracting a large number of tourists each year. Being a part of Spain though gives it the unavoidable and oh so tasty feat of also having a great cuisine! Since holidays in Majorca never last long enough, we have compiled 5 of the essential local dishes and produce that you absolutely have to try when you visit! Most of the treats on offer can also be brought back home for refreshing your memory of your holidays in Majorca!


Maó cheese

Amongst the most famous produce of Majorca is Maó cheese. Resembling parmesan or grana Padano with its hard texture and spicyness, it is used widely in a variety of local dishes as its spicy flavours combine well with pasta, rice or vegetable dishes. If you are a foodie or wine enthusiast, be sure to bring some back home as it is a perfect assortment to the richness of flavours provided by Balearic wines when served traditionally, sprinkled with some pepper, tarragon and olive oil.

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Majorca Without The Crowds

This stunning Balearic island, with its classic beaches, mountain scenery, idyllic countryside, and dramatic coastlines, attracts plenty of visitors. Action-packed seaside resorts, such as Magaluf in the southwest corner of the island, host hordes of package-tour holidaymakers, who come to party and be seen on the packed beaches and in the busy nightspots.

However, there are plenty of places on Majorca where you can escape the crowds. Deserted sandy coves, where mountains meet the sea, and remote beaches, only accessible by boat or on foot, are perfect for a quiet holiday. In the traditional rural villages, surrounded by olive and almond groves, with their centuries-old monasteries and delightful bars and cafes, you can mix it with the locals and get well away from the crowds.

If you’re short of time, you don’t have to head for remote parts of Majorca to escape the masses. Not far from busy Palma, Illetes has two pine-lined coves with beautiful sandy beaches. And in the west of the island, you can follow in the footsteps of poet Robert Graves, who used to take the coastal path across to Lluc Alcari. Stop for a swim in the deep azure waters of Cala Deia, where weathered rocks form amazing shapes, and continue to the seaside village of Port Soller for refreshments.

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A Quick Guide To Scuba Diving in Majorca

Scuba Diving Majorca

Mallorca offers amazingly rich diving spots for both beginners and experienced divers. Visitors will find a wide choice of diving clubs and centres, which provide all the necessary equipment and instruction for all levels of divers. The spectacular array of underwater marine life such as coral, sea urchins, and octopus make this a popular spot frequented by both locals and foreign divers alike. There are also splendid reefs and old wrecks scattered along the coast in certain parts of the island to add to the region’s diving offerings. So if you would like to add a bit of underwater exploration during your holidays in Majorca, there’s lots of reasons and opportunities to do so throughout the island! Continue reading “A Quick Guide To Scuba Diving in Majorca”